the place I’m in

in the world and outside of it
in terms of uncertain space
I see that
in some ways
every nowhere is somewhere
and all possible somewheres
make up everywhere,
some comfort then,
being now here
is everywhere

Martinos © 2016

Protest in Peace – Leshia Evans



  • Woman who was captured in iconic arrest photo from Baton Rouge has been revealed as 28-year-old Ieshia Evans
  • Evans, a licensed practical nurse and mother to a five-year-old son, was attending her first protest on Saturday
  • Friends said she was arrested as police tried to push demonstrators back from their building
  • Evans found their actions unjust, as the protest was peaceful, so crossed her arms and stared them down
  • She was held for 24 hours but has now been released and is recovering in a hotel room before traveling home 
  • Evans said she was glad to be safe and the moment was ‘the work of God. I am a vessel! Glory to the most high!’
    Source – Daily Mail


True Partnership

I am a balance, a provision, a gesture, a trust

Existing with you and for you

Not without you


My alchemy, captured in maxim

Is confirmation of the stuff of mutual benefit

A marriage of skills

A proof: the whole being appreciably greater than the sum of its parts


I am agile in diversity

Vigilant in adversity

Convergent in purpose

Versatile and dynamic


I am a living thing however you cannot hold me still


Able to self-sustain and self-renew

Delicate, supple, irrepressible, robust


I am manifest through your achievements

An expression

Cyclical, evidentiary, transmuting


I am dance

And your welcome,

when you find me.


Martinos @ 2016

Under which, life flows

I put my author
On the bridge,
(There’s going over and
There’s crossing),
He will say that
I’m looking for starlight
Or direction,
Of the place to find a voice
Between all worlds

In the event of success
He imagines Einstein,
To live longer in the question,
He foresees Ghandi, wishing
To converse with ruthless compassion,
He will seek the mother also,
Her cradle and her rock,
(As a special favour)
To speak of that which has gone unsaid

All this and
To fix at the intersection
The elements of story:
Beginning, middle, end.
He will return with insight
With composure and understanding
To write the mind, the bridge between,
Under which, life flows.

Martinos @ 2016
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