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We Love Thee

let’s make love
a theme
and aware
in this
brother sister
we will know
love in life
and we will say
we love thee

Martinos © 2017

Why I Love My Family – Triptych

from a yellow balloon

for Anthea


adrift on the lightest breeze

from a yellow balloon

children waved with great enthusiasm

we waved back, invigorated

we watched for a while

and carried

we went on

our path

by the lake

by the lee



Martinos © 2017


For Oliver

The question on the table I think is “what’s real” and the
conundrum is, nothing the mind can perceive
‘  O.B.


to touch

a soundless rhythm
in the heart
that perceives

is a quietus
given with gentle hands
on groundless ground
by unseen sight

a silent real
a here
a now
that quiets all


Martinos © 2017

a new sheet

on a new sheet
we lay in union
the tide at full, our
sun at noon
a northern wind blew hot
with white caps on the bay
we set our course for summer

Martinos © 2016

The Way

Within the battle
Lies entrapment

Within surrender
Lives freedom

Martinos © 2016

You are a Conduit

Remember that the beginning and ending is not you
You are a conduit
This is all passing through and by you
for you, to be present with and witness

All suffering, all exhaustion and pain come from when we make it ours when our story has us hold on to identification with what’s passing through

Be present
Be breathing
Be grateful

Know how fortunate you are in being called to witness
But it is not you or yours

Jeff Ren © 2016


inside this barrel
of a chest
is a heart and
a weight
to carry
for a time
yet awhile

inside this heart
a weight

inside this weight
a heart

Martinos © 2016

the place I’m in

in the world and outside of it
in terms of uncertain space
I see that
in some ways
every nowhere is somewhere
and all possible somewheres
make up everywhere,
may I then conclude
that to be nowhere
Is to be everywhere?

Martinos © 2016

Protest in Peace – Leshia Evans



  • Woman who was captured in iconic arrest photo from Baton Rouge has been revealed as 28-year-old Ieshia Evans
  • Evans, a licensed practical nurse and mother to a five-year-old son, was attending her first protest on Saturday
  • Friends said she was arrested as police tried to push demonstrators back from their building
  • Evans found their actions unjust, as the protest was peaceful, so crossed her arms and stared them down
  • She was held for 24 hours but has now been released and is recovering in a hotel room before traveling home 
  • Evans said she was glad to be safe and the moment was ‘the work of God. I am a vessel! Glory to the most high!’
    Source – Daily Mail


True Partnership

I am a balance, a provision, a gesture, a trust

Existing with you and for you

Not without you


My alchemy, captured in maxim

Is confirmation of the stuff of mutual benefit

A marriage of skills

A proof: the whole being appreciably greater than the sum of its parts


I am agile in diversity

Vigilant in adversity

Convergent in purpose

Versatile and dynamic


I am a living thing however you cannot hold me still


Able to self-sustain and self-renew

Delicate, supple, irrepressible, robust


I am manifest through your achievements

An expression

Cyclical, evidentiary, transmuting


I am dance

And your welcome,

when you find me.


Martinos @ 2016

Under which, life flows

I put my author
On the bridge,
(There’s going over and
There’s crossing),
He will say that
I’m looking for starlight
Or direction,
Of the place to find a voice
Between all worlds

In the event of success
He imagines Einstein,
To live longer in the question,
He foresees Ghandi, wishing
To converse with ruthless compassion,
He will seek the mother also,
Her cradle and her rock,
(as a special favour)
To speak of that which had gone unsaid

All this and
To fix at the intersection
The elements of story:
Beginning, middle, end.
He will return with insight
With composure and understanding
To write the mind, on the bridge between,
Under which, life flows.

Martinos @ 2016

three lines of a poem

the first line of a poem is a window,
to let the light in
across the sill

through each imperfect pane
swirls in the glass
amend perception

to look in
alters the view

the next line of a poem enters further
into a room, many rooms
where light falls diffuse;
to pass down a corridor and touch patchwork, or

thread edges of fabrics
of lived in textures

and in so touching
alters the view

the third line of a poem makes a home
for the heart
to take up residence,
to visit where spaces and shapes partly familiar,
alive at the peripheral,
perpetually shift

and most importantly,
alter the view.

Martinos © 2016


as temporal as is mind, will

all that is connected pass

as all wonder that can be recorded will?


with this life force

can I as guardian or as spectator of this wondrous light

move with wave and particle in simultaneous might?


wherein life’s delicate paradox to cherish

to place the fealty of grateful servant,

wherein the realm of infinite possibility

to place an effort that will matter.


I will wait for insight, to glimpse

what might emerge from within such dilemma, will I find

there is nothing that can be altered?

save to see that an entry point to understanding,

is in and of itself: conundrum

Martinos © 2016


on a southwind eagles fly,

majestic gliders forensic eyed, poised

on shifting drafts of autumnal clear-skied air,

breezes yearning steadily from southern seas,

seas afar,

deep blue dark realms of wilderness and mystery

whose fathoms cold, swarm with micro and macrocosmic life;

all forms to balance and connect this natural world

by land and sea, in ocean and air, on wing and eye, all upon which

this life of ours so utterly depends, as it does

when on a southwind

eagles fly



MChallis © 2016


Old Juriel

poppies in september,
remember Juriel?
and seedlings

he came walking up the garden path
puffing grandpa smoke,
wrens jumping

tap, dripping time drops
into the bird bath,
we ate crumbs

after autumn
the tennis stopped;
too cold to pick onions

tea cake in the sun room,
Juriel would laugh
gold teeth chattering

willow banks and cricket,
off to join the Luftwaffe,
before the season’s over

the thermos always leaked
and the tattered wicker basket,
we kept them anyway

excellent hydrangeas
second prize, open division;
however, the pomegranate marmalade disappointed

the cliff that day,
seagull squadron on standby,
Juriel saw only the blue

noiseless it was
marmalade got on everything
gold teeth scattered everywhere

MChallis © 2016

New Song

In that moment
of surrender
I show up, hollow
As the bamboo flute

And hear now, new song

MChallis @ 2016

Strong Man – Dan Challis


Sample Single – Breaking – Dan Challis

My Love

You are my light
And I love light

As I breathe
You are my breath

I can hold neither
And yet as each flow through,
I am so defined

MChallis © 2016

Your Worth

your worth is not defined or dependent on acceptance or rejection,
for it is sure in this world you will experience both

your worth is determined by the integrity of that for which you stand
and in how you are aligned in that stance to your purpose in this life

in generous action, optimism and perseverance your worth will shine through
and the world you leave behind will thank you and be better for it

MChallis © 2016

Dan in New York

Dan in a New York Snow Storm

Dan in a New York Snow Storm

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