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Poext 30/05 – Beacon

In the morning
You say good 😊 morning
And the heart
Lights up!
Go figure:
A light heart
To lighten the day
And the strongest beacon
To find the way home 🏡

Martinos @ 2017

Poext 26/05 – Be Home

In our house 🏡
Is living a house
for life – a home
fixed entity with
space under roof
and shelter for love, with
the life that arrives
each day we say
I’m so glad, so glad to
be home

Martinos @ 2017

Poext 28/05

If I am an eagle 🦅
Then I have landed

If I am an only
Then you are an also

And together
We’re one ☝️

On the shape of that
We’re set for takeoff

Martinos @ 2017

Essay on a Melbourne Sunset

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In the House We Share

There’s a photo
of you
above the door

You’re smiling
as only you can do

Smiling in a way that
moves the spirit

And there it is:
Loved and safe
in an instant

Every time
I leave the house
Or enter

Martinos  © 2017

you ask me

you ask me
I love you

in this moment
I know
there is no why

as we have gone
beyond the need
for reason

to where and what
just is

Martinos 2017

a true friend will wake you up

in times
when you are angered
filled by rightness
directing blame
for those around you
who do not
meet the expectations
you hold them to –
a true friend will step forward to ask you:
what is it you do not see?
what is the part you play?
what sits on the other side of that
which anger
makes you blind to?

this friend may tremble
to risk the fire you aim
yet will do so
in service to you
and to that awakening

Martinos © 2017

Not I

Do you know what I think?


Do you know what I feel?


Do you know what I know?

…I know that it is the I
that thinks and feels.

And beyond this
there is a self

it is not an I.

Martinos @ 2017

Thought for the Day

When I’m caught in the fight
I am blinded by my rightness
fed by the thoughts
of being wronged

Martinos © 2017

On the Last Day

For Dave L & Soph K

on the last day of anything
the beginning of something else
cannot help itself
from happening

even if it wanted to

no will is involved
in this most certain truth

for you and I
a choice exists, as
loss brings space

wherein to enter
a living stillness
and the most certain arising of wisdom

to be with:
what was
what is, and quite simply
what will be

Martinos © 2017

Three Boxes


let go

The voice of judgement

Open the gate of open mind
open heart
open will

In the presence of stillness
wise action

Use three boxes to
keep what is valuable
forget what is not
and allow what is emerging
to be born

Which box then to open today?


Martinos © 2017


To go towards
Not away from

To find strength in this

To be simpler
More contemplative
Responsive and considered
Purposeful with each focus

Attentive and attending to

what generates

To what gives life

Is what I go to

                                         Martino @ 2017

We Love Thee

let’s make love
a theme
and aware
in this
brother sister
we will know
love in life
and we will say
we love thee

Martinos © 2017

Why I Love My Family – Triptych

from a yellow balloon

for Anthea


adrift on the lightest breeze

from a yellow balloon

children waved with great enthusiasm

we waved back, invigorated

we watched for a while

and carried

we went on

our path

by the lake

by the lee



Martinos © 2017


For Oliver

The question on the table I think is “what’s real” and the
conundrum is, nothing the mind can perceive
‘  O.B.


to touch

a soundless rhythm
in the heart
that perceives

is a quietus
given with gentle hands
on groundless ground
by unseen sight

a silent real
a here
a now
that quiets all


Martinos © 2017

a new sheet

on a new sheet
we lay in union
the tide at full, our
sun at noon
a northern wind blew hot
with white caps on the bay
we set our course for summer

Martinos © 2016

The Way

Within the battle
Lies entrapment

Within surrender
Lives freedom

Martinos © 2016

You are a Conduit

Remember that the beginning and ending is not you
You are a conduit
This is all passing through and by you
for you, to be present with and witness

All suffering, all exhaustion and pain come from when we make it ours when our story has us hold on to identification with what’s passing through

Be present
Be breathing
Be grateful

Know how fortunate you are in being called to witness
But it is not you or yours

Jeff Ren © 2016


inside this barrel
of a chest
is a heart and
a weight
to carry
for a time
yet awhile

inside this heart
a weight

inside this weight
a heart

Martinos © 2016

the place I’m in

in the world and outside of it
in terms of uncertain space
I see that
in some ways
every nowhere is somewhere
and all possible somewheres
make up everywhere,
may I then conclude
that to be nowhere
Is to be everywhere?

Martinos © 2016
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