Month: November 2009

My Companion

For Pamela

True love is my companion
She guides me in delight
She whispers all the names for love
With soft attending might

True love is my companion
A swirling heart of one
A blaze of pure intention
An illuminating sun

True love is my companion
She dreams beyond my dreams
She is where the compass points
And all that’s in between

She is sunlight bathing
A soothing gentle breeze
Water from the mountain
Harmony and ease

True love is my companion
As gentle as the dove
Within the heart’s dominion
My companion true, is love

The Powerful Question

I am enamoured by the power of the question. More than that: I am enamoured by the power of the powerful question. A powerful question has the potential to invite consideration, incite imagination and open the mind to possibility.

A powerful question has ingredients. It takes time to form. In a paraphrased quotation, Albert Einstein said:

“If I had a problem to solve, and only had an hour to solve the problem and my life depended on solving the problem, I would spend the first fifty-five minutes determining the proper question to ask; because once I had the proper question I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”

The ‘proper question’ for me is a powerful question. Whether I am working in the field of personal transformation, cultural change or organisational reform I know that my ability to be effective depends on my ability to form powerful questions.

Recently I attended an Art of Hosting seminar in the Dandenong Ranges two hours outside of Melbourne. One of the sessions explored the qualities of a powerful question. The group conducted a World Café through a series of conversations.

Some of the qualities that were harvested from the conversations determined that a powerful question:

· Is simple, fearless and genuine

· Asks without disempowering

· Forces reflection and forges action

· Links to purpose

· Challenges assumptions

· Makes the invisible visible

· Evinces deeper questions that lead to enquiry and learning

Albert Einstein also said “the important thing is not to stop questioning”. If I consider a world without questions I see a world of no learning, a world with no design, art, creativity or transformation. I see a world that slowly and surely atrophies with mechanistic certainty into a state of oblivion. I see a world that accepts status quo and the power of ‘the other’, be it institution, government or autocrat to determine future and impose structure. I see a world of no answers: a world full of unsolved problems.

This is why I am enamoured by the power of the question. Without a powerful question I cease to grow and I cease to learn. The powerful question I have been asking myself of late is: “Who am I when I am in my greatest power?”

What’s your powerful question?