Month: July 2014

and I am home


for Anthea

the last of the sun’s rays
linger through the stained-glass door

the latch-gate swings in the breeze
from the sea

stones to the hearth still warm

dust spots dance and swirl
in shafts of light

a timber venetian snaps lightly
against the window frame

familiar fragrances
console and enclose:
freshly plucked coriander
cinnamon incense
a steaming glass
of ginger tea

the cool shaded hallway
pacific and obliging
reaches safely into every expectation

as a murmuring grandfather sea
continues to send soothing breezes

all the day’s monuments fall away
peace is cool and still for a time

and I am home


martin challis © 1981 (reworked 2014)


For SamP1050341

When you likened missing her
(in ways you didn’t know you could)
to muscles aching after
exercise you hadn’t done before
You said for you this was telling of a deeper love
And almost as if finding out for the first time
that love and pain are twins, you discovered
as a pair, that they, like both of you
are never far apart.

MChallis 2014