Month: February 2015

In Truth

If by fear
I am contracted

It is only the gentle wing
of forgiveness
in courage
and love
upon which,

I can again expand

MChallis @ 2015

Ten Commendments


The body is a song
Beat after beat the drummer keeping time
Saves one beat for you and one for the heart of the world


When humans care for orphaned gorillas
They are human beings – being human
The gorillas
Witness to an endangered species.


Three wise men arrive in Las Vegas. They’re confused. The city of stars accepts their gifts in return for chips and exchanges their camels for Pontiacs.
Eventually the three men run out of goodwill and are asked to leave the star-city.
Now each of then wears self-correcting sunglasses, far more cautious when following the brightness of artificial light.


The world is a box with clear sides
Through this we see the sky dark and the sky light
We see four directions on all horizons
And the constellations that rise and fall
If you shut your eyes and listen carefully
You can hear the lid open every time one of us enters
And one of us leaves.


The lad in the schoolyard solves a problem with the same
Mathematical precision of his father
He counts on his five fingers and divides them
Into one tight fist
With this math he gets a perfect score and
None argue with the result.


When all the world clocks stop ticking.
They will each tell of a different time: during rush hour, before the interview, at the moment of martyrdom, just after take off, when war is declared, the date and time of your birth.
On any given day each one will tell the truth – at least twice.


Seven sons were seven suns a’shine on everyday
Yet seven suns one day went dark to shine another way
Seven dwarves in darkening hue imminently benign
No longer to bright any sky and none would see the sign


Eight accounts of starving populations
Eight charity organisations seeking aid
Eight million raised per quarter
Quartered by eight reasons to extract a share
Before the rest is shared to the rest
Who continue to starve.


Nine millimetre cannon kills you with a slightly larger calibre than eight millimetre cannon. Makes a slightly larger hole, travels slightly quicker, has a slightly longer trajectory, provides a slightly louder thud or thwuk when it hits the target.
This knowledge may not prevent you from coming to harm; but at least if killed by nine millimetre cannon, you’ll die well informed.


How many cynics does it take to change a light bulb?
As many as it takes to be satisfied with this as an ending.

end game

extrapolate retaliation

age of suffering

end game


MChallis © 2015

this is not a poem

crash the barriers
test the waters
ask the curious question
make a list of to-do’s
– put the weapon down:
just put them down – if not
how should you proceed?
terror rises in the east
fear rises in the west
does each
respond in kind?
curious word, kind
no kindness in retaliation,
do solutions exist?
crash the barriers
test the waters
grieve the stricken
forgive the horror
whatever ways you decide
this is not a poem.

MChallis © 2015