Month: August 2015


When struggle comes
as disquiet,
discomfort or pain

sit with it
see what it has for you

perhaps a seed
will be born into your wisdom,

with patience you may nurture
a fertile bed, soon to see within you

new shapes arising
hitherto not possible


MChallis @ 2015

To the Sky

Look up
Where the sky sets down

See for what
It is and differently

From every view
The same sky


See all of this
that no one

MChallis @ 2015

From Star Dust Goes All Matter

the crescent moon, bent
like Arjuna’s bow
draws her ink-dark arrow across all heaven

she is first to intersect venus, then mars,
then on in one omniscient arc to trace
the centre of being

across skies, across eons
across all beginnings, endings,
all that is and was

long to outlast all human experience
and all that can be foreseen


MChallis © 2015