Month: November 2015

Northern River

cursive arm
encompassing form

verdant hip
in moist tropical air

shoulder to storm or zephyr
cloud mist arising the
culdera and precipice

vulcan formed soft-soil
in fecund sleep
the circumference

paternal line
maternal steep
ancient cradle

bundjalung, first people
watchers listen deeply
this river their song

MChallis © 2015

Song Line

for Daniel


the country singer has gone to the city

packed all his chords and a harp

how the voice of love sings

in New York

his part in the harmony

stepping between tramways

along avenues

he finds a new stanza

picked like a flower, put

to the lips of new promise

and meeting her with

soft-eyed recitals 

in cafes and bars

the tenderness


awakening each heart


MChallis © 2015

Boy Man World

Boy Man World.

The boy in the world will wonder
The man in the world will strive

The world in the boy to open
The world in the man to thrive

A book of poems by Martin Challis published in 2015 – available at and



From ambivalence to ferocity, she
Touching everything at times
Gently her soft hair over
Follicles and skin through
Reeds in marshes and then

Grassy planes
Across thresholds
To the leaves of autumn
From antipodes to tropics
From arctics to alps

Even the immovable
Will feel her
And they also
Will tremble

MChallis @ 2015