Month: March 2016

Old Juriel

poppies in september,
remember Juriel?
and seedlings

he came walking up the garden path
puffing grandpa smoke,
wrens jumping

tap, dripping time drops
into the bird bath,
we ate crumbs

after autumn
the tennis stopped;
too cold to pick onions

tea cake in the sun room,
Juriel would laugh
gold teeth chattering

willow banks and cricket,
off to join the Luftwaffe,
before the season’s over

the thermos always leaked
and the tattered wicker basket,
we kept them anyway

excellent hydrangeas
second prize, open division;
however, the pomegranate marmalade disappointed

the cliff that day,
seagull squadron on standby,
Juriel saw only the blue

noiseless it was
marmalade got on everything
gold teeth scattered everywhere

MChallis © 2016

New Song

In that moment
of surrender
I show up, hollow
As the bamboo flute

And hear now, new song

MChallis @ 2016