Month: April 2016

three lines of a poem

the first line of a poem is a window,
to let the light in
across the sill

through each imperfect pane
swirls in the glass
amend perception

to look in
alters the view

the next line of a poem enters further
into a room, many rooms
where light falls diffuse;
to pass down a corridor and touch patchwork, or

thread edges of fabrics
of lived in textures

and in so touching
alters the view

the third line of a poem makes a home
for the heart
to take up residence,
to visit where spaces and shapes partly familiar,
alive at the peripheral,
perpetually shift

and most importantly,
alter the view.

Martinos © 2016


as temporal as is mind, will

all that is connected pass

as all wonder that can be recorded will?


with this life force

can I as guardian or as spectator of this wondrous light

move with wave and particle in simultaneous might?


wherein life’s delicate paradox to cherish

to place the fealty of grateful servant,

wherein the realm of infinite possibility

to place an effort that will matter.


I will wait for insight, to glimpse

what might emerge from within such dilemma, will I find

there is nothing that can be altered?

save to see that an entry point to understanding,

is in and of itself: conundrum

Martinos © 2016


on a southwind eagles fly,

majestic gliders forensic eyed, poised

on shifting drafts of autumnal clear-skied air,

breezes yearning steadily from southern seas,

seas afar,

deep blue dark realms of wilderness and mystery

whose fathoms cold, swarm with micro and macrocosmic life;

all forms to balance and connect this natural world

by land and sea, in ocean and air, on wing and eye, all upon which

this life of ours so utterly depends, as it does

when on a southwind

eagles fly



MChallis © 2016