Month: January 2017


To go towards
Not away from

To find strength in this

To be simpler
More contemplative
Responsive and considered
Purposeful with each focus

Attentive and attending to

what generates

To what gives life

Is what I go to

                                         Martino @ 2017

We Love Thee

let’s make love
a theme
and aware
in this
brother sister
we will know
love in life
and we will say
we love thee

Martinos © 2017

from a yellow balloon

for Anthea


adrift on the lightest breeze

from a yellow balloon

children waved with great enthusiasm

we waved back, invigorated

we watched for a while

and carried

we went on

our path

by the lake

by the lee



Martinos © 2017


For Oliver

The question on the table I think is “what’s real” and the
conundrum is, nothing the mind can perceive
‘  O.B.


to touch

a soundless rhythm
in the heart
that perceives

is a quietus
given with gentle hands
on groundless ground
by unseen sight

a silent real
a here
a now
that quiets all


Martinos © 2017

a new sheet

on a new sheet
we lay in union
the tide at full, our
sun at noon
a northern wind blew hot
with white caps on the bay
we set our course for summer

Martinos © 2016