Month: May 2017

Poext 31/05 – First Fire

‘First fire’🔥
She wrote
At winter’s edge
Setting pine cones
Twigs and kindling alight
Yet I would say that
Ours is the first fire
First and foremost
Alive, bright and

Martinos @ 2017

Poext 30/05 – Beacon

In the morning
You say good 😊 morning
And the heart
Lights up!
Go figure:
A light heart
To lighten the day
And the strongest beacon
To find the way home 🏡

Martinos @ 2017

Poext 26/05 – Be Home

In our house 🏡
Is living a house
for life – a home
fixed entity with
space under roof
and shelter for love, with
the life that arrives
each day we say
I’m so glad, so glad to
be home

Martinos @ 2017

Poext 28/05

If I am an eagle 🦅
Then I have landed

If I am an only
Then you are an also

And together
We’re one ☝️

On the shape of that
We’re set for takeoff

Martinos @ 2017

Essay on a Melbourne Sunset

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In the House We Share

There’s a photo
of you
above the door

You’re smiling
as only you can do

Smiling in a way that
moves the spirit

And there it is:
Loved and safe
in an instant

Every time
I leave the house
Or enter

Martinos  © 2017