Month: January 2018

On Funicular Stairs

I climbed down through coastal scrub

Sandstone nub and turkey scratch,

Purposefully counted into the hundreds

And then became distracted for caution

And for possible misstep. On safe arrival

The foreshore held its mysteries

Within wash and cliff and ancient sands,

I did not inquire or pause to study, yet

committed and turned again to climb

knowing afore each rise I would by needs,



Martinos © 2018

Mother’s Stories

Rarely as I recall, in truth,

Did she speak expansively of herself

Or tell us stories of her young adventure

She reserved the detail and the admiration for others,

Others who were remote to me, in interest and in caring,

I never knew, and always assumed she thought them

more worthy or entertaining or greater than herself


And now I wish I’d asked her

And told her this was for me

Furthest from the truth


Martinos @ 2018

Fishing Trip

The fisherman’s mate
Left by the road

Twenty feet back onto the verge
Waited patiently awatch in the shade

Waited adjacent to where
the dinghy and trailer were parked

One side chocked up
One wheel waiting for its mate


Martinos © 2018

After Immersion

You have outstretched arms
You are on the beach
You are receiving the towel that
will wipe the sting of salt and glare away
You are relieved in the moment this occurs
And look back to the waves that have just released you

Later that day after bathing
You recall the moment
Your skin
Your nature
And what has washed away











Martinos © 2018


in the sea

of night

each star

a flood

of light,

the milky way

a riptide

of delight






Martinos  © 2018