That moment
When you are swamped by your own rage
You feel the desperate abandonment that comes
With the loss of what you once stood for
And the sheer absence of loving kindness that left you
When the centre did not hold

Ahead you see the long dark climb, back
To where you once held the light
With the knowledge that should you arrive as you have before
You will in certainty, as night ends day,
Be cast off again by your own fragility
To face the fated narratives you’ve been assigned or have subscribed to,
These that have set their course through your beginnings
To lead you to certain destinations of frailty and fear.

And then, that moment
When you see all this with sheer egoless clarity, and know
The all encompassing darkness to be but the temporary absence of any light

That moment
When you, cast off the last vestiges of your clinging
And say in full throated prayer to the unknowable greatness that is beyond you and within you

I surrender
I surrender
I do Surrender

Martinos © 2020