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A Doyen of Australian Art exhibiting at Performance Frontiers this September

August 20, 2014 martin 0

Anthea Moffatt, who turns 82 this year will launch her latest works in an exhibition for these times, fittingly titled ‘HOPE”. We hope you can make the time to come and meet her. Anthea’s full body of work is held in private collections around the world […]

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Sam’s 3D Showreel

April 25, 2014 martin 0

After years of dedicated study and development Sam Challis has released his latest showreel. One of the many great things that can be said about this reel is that each of the vignettes leaves me wanting to know what happens next. The mark of good […]

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The Fireman, The Witness and The Cloud of Unknowing

November 10, 2010 martin 0

A Discussion On Critical Reflective Practice Fire Malcolm Gladwell in his acclaimed book “Blink” [1] discusses the phenomenon of ‘thin slicing’; an intuitive process of knowing involved in decision making. ‘Thin slicing’ is described as an individual’s capacity to take in large amounts of information from […]

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Start off the Way You Would Like to Finish

October 17, 2009 martin 0

Inspired by Glen [Murcutt] and David’s [Malouf] insights drawn from two different fields of creative practice I reflected on the diverse number of ways creative processes capture the principles of what is universally true. When road conditions are good, operating a car takes very little […]