Reflection on Quantum Thinking

March 17, 2019 martin 0

Inspired by Danah Zohar In fear and the defensive state Comes binary thinking The instinctual brain so wired Flips from friend to foe And hell becomes justified In fear and the defensive state With quantum thinking The instinctual brain so wired Is guided toward an […]

Within What is Possible

September 8, 2018 martin 0

for GB & GB   Two powerful leadership questions to ask myself. Through my actions and leadership presence: What happens when I make it socially and relationally safe for others to speak their truth and be themselves? What happens when I encourage action beyond where […]

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Aligned to Your Purpose

December 30, 2017 martin 0

People are not inspired and influenced just by what you say.  They are inspired and influenced by: what you say how you say it why you say it and their sense of where you’re coming from – your Purpose. As your Purpose grounds and energises […]

True Partnership

June 4, 2016 martin 0

I am a balance, a provision, a gesture, a trust Existing with you and for you Not without you   My alchemy, captured in maxim Is confirmation of the stuff of mutual benefit A marriage of skills A proof: the whole being appreciably greater than […]


March 30, 2014 martin 0

“You must give birth to your images they are the future within you wanting to be born. Fear not the strangeness that you feel The future has to enter us long before it happens”. – Rainer Marie Rilke   Perhaps everything terrible is in its […]

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Acts of social inclusion

August 4, 2011 martin 0

As primarily social beings, when we spend time together; our brains wire together and our bodies step, hearts beat and lungs breathe in similar rhythms; mirror neurons in our brains engage. As author Daniel Goleman so aptly states: ‘when we wire together we fire together’. […]