My Love

Your Name in a Poem

Agape to Eros

Of all the ways

To read
Your name
In a poem

To touch you
With words

Read again
Over and over

And again

Martinos @ 2018

to love

for Jan

Turn to love, turn

        see a heaven in her eye

Your heart set sail

        And then the sky


Martinos © 2018

Her Gift

for J

she has a heart of light

she will touch you
with her radiance

see this, and
you will realise
your own illumination

who is she?


Martinos © 2017

Essay on a Melbourne Sunset

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In the House We Share

There’s a photo
of you
above the door

You’re smiling
as only you can do

Smiling in a way that
moves the spirit

And there it is:
Loved and safe
in an instant

Every time
I leave the house
Or enter

Martinos  © 2017

This Love

I your mirror as you are mine
On reflected spiral
We climb
On breaths
On wings
Of light

By light
Most wondrous
With space between
This connection in simplicity
Of pure intent



MChallis © 2015

Oh Darling

with morning’s breath
soft kisses touching
lightly the nape of love

MChallis © 2015

Away to the Silence

As the fire subsides
into furnacing embers
And the ocean’s voice washes
in from across the field
Making ready for sleep
you offer a glass of peppermint tea
and wish for us a restful goodnight

In evening’s air, in night time’s breath,
we sip and without word listen to
crickets rhythmic and persistent as they
chorus at the perimeter of shadows and stars,
to the gentle ones at rest on their perches
each with an eye on the moon
who call or croon at irregular intervals,
to the ageing house who creaks as she
shifts her shoulders
from one side of night to the other

Then with a gentle kiss
and a last wish of goodnight
we turn from this to ebb
away to the silence
away to our sea
of sleep



MChallis @ 2014



you are my anchor for strength
my sail for promise
my tiller for direction
and the intrepid breeze
feeding the journey

After Cutting Timber

after cutting timber

at the top of the hill

I waited for you

not long enough for the magpie’s

wing-feather to fall from the conifer

and then your silhouette

along with the sunset

struck me

and drawing closer

your smile

drawing closer


I Watch Her Sleep

Soft light
And light sleeping

She sighs and lifts and sighs and falls
Her breath the gentleness of day beginning

I sit and watch her
more lovingly than a child could

martin challis