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Away to the Silence

August 29, 2014 martin 0

As the fire subsides into furnacing embers And the ocean’s voice washes in from across the field Making ready for sleep you offer a glass of peppermint tea and wish for us a restful goodnight In evening’s air, in night time’s breath, we sip and […]

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Sea of Words

August 22, 2014 martin 0

Past and future mirror each other Fixed at the crossing point In an infinite and combustible present In the sea of words Fluid words endlessly mobile Anything can be described Anything foretold In deep and shallow utterances Live all the metaphors In cycling currents All […]

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A Doyen of Australian Art exhibiting at Performance Frontiers this September

August 20, 2014 martin 0

Anthea Moffatt, who turns 82 this year will launch her latest works in an exhibition for these times, fittingly titled ‘HOPE”. We hope you can make the time to come and meet her. Anthea’s full body of work is held in private collections around the world […]

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A Complete and Joyful Glimpse

August 9, 2014 martin 0

for sophie and for ollie inspecting momentarily the visiting sulphur-crested cockatoos leave our pine-tree for another, further down the hill en masse, they fly towards and just above us, their screeches, loud and unmistakeable are full of enthusiasm and intent some, slightly smaller in size, […]

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Rumi 7

August 7, 2014 martin 0