Ego Awareness – a contemplation

January 14, 2020 martin 0

How to know when our ego is serving or harming us? First PrincipleIt is serving us when we are serving ourselves and others through conscious and constructive thoughts, words and actions. Detached observation, acceptance, forgiveness, empathy, kindness, compassion, humility, candour, curiosity, accountability and ownership are […]

Tribute to Jack Challis

October 17, 2019 martin 2

26/07/1924 – 23/06/2019 My father, William John Challis, Jack, was the most honourable of men. He lived his life in the most authentic way – always true to his values and his beliefs. He was a man, less of words and more of purposeful action. […]

Reflection on Quantum Thinking

March 17, 2019 martin 0

Inspired by Danah Zohar In fear and the defensive state Comes binary thinking The instinctual brain so wired Flips from friend to foe And hell becomes justified In fear and the defensive state With quantum thinking The instinctual brain so wired Is guided toward an […]

What Search for Meaning

March 7, 2019 martin 0

What search for meaning reveals: The getting of meaning Is intrinsically linked to the act of giving meaningfully. Giving meaningfully entails the giving of one’s truth: with clear purpose, with whole heart, with whole mind, from and through the centre of one’s whole being, toward a […]

Fixed to the Mirror

September 11, 2018 martin 1

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” (Albert Einstein)    Fixed to the mirror I will not see the wave Nor the dance […]

Pattern Recognition (a process poem)

July 4, 2018 martin 0

Look deeply In stillness At the patterns You follow Look for: Repetition Habitual rhythms Fixed beliefs Choose one You want to work with Measure its worth With one yardstick: The degree to which This pattern of thinking brings you Ease, expansion, benefit and flow. If you […]

Fire Place

July 1, 2018 martin 0

for Beau, Mark & Jan take embers place them in your memory and think of the times when you sat side by side in friendship, and with those kindred stared silently and simply into a campfire or fire-place while night’s fortress held you bound and […]

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Mother’s Stories

January 14, 2018 martin 0

Rarely as I recall, in truth, Did she speak expansively of herself Or tell us stories of her young adventure She reserved the detail and the admiration for others, Others who were remote to me, in interest and in caring, I never knew, and always […]

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Aligned to Your Purpose

December 30, 2017 martin 0

People are not inspired and influenced just by what you say.  They are inspired and influenced by: what you say how you say it why you say it and their sense of where you’re coming from – your Purpose. As your Purpose grounds and energises […]

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Contemplation on Choice

December 29, 2017 martin 0

At the centre Of every thought Pivoting Holding, poised to act, if but momentarily Is Choice Often unattended And more often, habitually led Is Choice On a filament of fine decision Delicately placed between this and that Are the constructions to build or The consequences […]

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The Possibility

December 15, 2017 martin 0

In the homecoming joy in the barring regret   of letting go freedom of craving imprisonment   at the welcome belonging at the termination abandonment   with waking up insight with shutting out ignorance   in kindness compassion in aggression self harm   upon reflection […]

5 Insights for Life

August 14, 2017 martin 1

Your thoughts are your prisonOr your prairie Your body is a signatureOf the decisions you make Your familyIs humanity The expanding universeIs a metaphor for your consciousness Breath and space in your heart and mindBecomes an infinite resource   Martinos © 2017