Quiet Walk

April 4, 2020 martin 0

This morningIn the first lightOn the road back to home– the air backlitWe were invited to pauseTo breathe deeply and take in the thick aroma from thecamphor laurel standWe took heed and breathedFor all our mightOur quiet walk alivewith significance. Martinos © 2020

Cast Off

March 4, 2020 martin 0

At Once Together

January 18, 2020 martin 0

outside the window and at once together a hawk and a butterfly the hawk high with the wind the butterfly low to the flower to the dance a flutter and the grace of wing fields fell silent grasses dipped and a bottlebrush, it’s vermillion tipped […]

Ego Awareness – a contemplation

January 14, 2020 martin 0

How to know when our ego is serving or harming us? First PrincipleIt is serving us when we are serving ourselves and others through conscious and constructive thoughts, words and actions. Detached observation, acceptance, forgiveness, empathy, kindness, compassion, humility, candour, curiosity, accountability and ownership are […]

Tribute to Jack Challis

October 17, 2019 martin 2

26/07/1924 – 23/06/2019 My father, William John Challis, Jack, was the most honourable of men. He lived his life in the most authentic way – always true to his values and his beliefs. He was a man, less of words and more of purposeful action. […]

Simply With You

June 20, 2019 martin 0

  At the hospice It’s a chilly clear crisp blue-sky morning Through your rasping We wait, attentive to each simple wish We sit at the window, embracing each hour Simply with you Grateful For warmth and light from the wondrous sun         […]

Reflection on Quantum Thinking

March 17, 2019 martin 0

Inspired by Danah Zohar In fear and the defensive state Comes binary thinking The instinctual brain so wired Flips from friend to foe And hell becomes justified In fear and the defensive state With quantum thinking The instinctual brain so wired Is guided toward an […]

What Search for Meaning

March 7, 2019 martin 0

What search for meaning reveals: The getting of meaning Is intrinsically linked to the act of giving meaningfully. Giving meaningfully entails the giving of one’s truth: with clear purpose, with whole heart, with whole mind, from and through the centre of one’s whole being, toward a […]

Sunday Prayer

February 10, 2019 martin 2

at sunrise, a delicate film of low mistfeathers the grass plainand camphor-laurel stand an  occasional treetopappears  as an islandamidst the gentle soft-air sea the purple pink tinge of heavenand deep-green night shadowas must, retreat to make way for this, a Sunday prayer onpeacefulness, and for […]


November 11, 2018 martin 0

dingly dingly wickety wackety overflow ongoing crickety crackety all of the dang-en, the dingin the dongin and onagain onagain bingbangin and bongin snippety snippety spinagain spitagain flatabout backwardsing flatabout forwardsing sobusy thisbusy toobusy stressfactor not slowing till rictus or blowups and messfactor notlearning notlistening gofigures […]