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We See Not the World

We see not the world the way it is
But as we are

However, what if we could?

Or at least
What if we could get closer
To seeing the world the way it is?

How could we do this?

How could we, with a kind of clarity
see the ‘Isness’ of the world?
See it the way it is?

Would we need to see the lens we look through?
To see our seeing

Would we need to see what needed to be suspended?
The bias
The judgement
The automatic patterns of naming and believing

And if these were suspended, might we:
Explore again
With beginner’s mind

Without the filters of our:
Hurts and fears
Fixed beliefs
And fundamentalism’s

Might we discover a way to describe, relate, connect
To the world afresh?

Might we discover a possibility for new choice
And be newly formed?

By seeing our seeing unfiltered
Seeing, as if for the first time
The ‘Isness’ of the world

And if this were possible

What then?

Martinos ©. 2018

Aligned to Your Purpose

People are not inspired and influenced just by what you say. 

They are inspired and influenced by:

  • what you say
  • how you say it
  • why you say it
  • and their sense of where you’re coming from – your Purpose.

As your Purpose grounds and energises you it will also ground and energise others.


Thought for the Day

When I’m caught in the fight
I am blinded by my rightness
fed by the thoughts
of being wronged

Martinos © 2017

True Partnership

I am a balance, a provision, a gesture, a trust

Existing with you and for you

Not without you


My alchemy, captured in maxim

Is confirmation of the stuff of mutual benefit

A marriage of skills

A proof: the whole being appreciably greater than the sum of its parts


I am agile in diversity

Vigilant in adversity

Convergent in purpose

Versatile and dynamic


I am a living thing however you cannot hold me still


Able to self-sustain and self-renew

Delicate, supple, irrepressible, robust


I am manifest through your achievements

An expression

Cyclical, evidentiary, transmuting


I am dance

And your welcome,

when you find me.


Martinos @ 2016

Your Worth

your worth is not defined or dependent on acceptance or rejection,
for it is sure in this world you will experience both

your worth is determined by the integrity of that for which you stand
and in how you are aligned in that stance to your purpose in this life

in generous action, optimism and perseverance your worth will shine through
and the world you leave behind will thank you and be better for it

MChallis © 2016

Something Useful to Remember

Something useful to remember when encountering or participating in righteousness, fanaticism or evangelism.  

Dan Challis: Quicker than the Dead


Viewing this for the first time brings many many emotions to this father of 6. Prevailing all feelings is one of deepest gratitude – when our children grow tall in their joy and their giving – when our children grow tall…

when i act to heal myself i act to heal the world – when i act to heal the world i act to heal myself

this is not a poem

crash the barriers
test the waters
ask the curious question
make a list of to-do’s
– put the weapon down:
just put them down – if not
how should you proceed?
terror rises in the east
fear rises in the west
does each
respond in kind?
curious word, kind
no kindness in retaliation,
do solutions exist?
crash the barriers
test the waters
grieve the stricken
forgive the horror
whatever ways you decide
this is not a poem.

MChallis © 2015
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