Sunday Prayer

at sunrise, a delicate film of low mist
feathers the grass plain
and camphor-laurel stand

an  occasional treetop
appears  as an island
amidst the gentle soft-air sea

the purple pink tinge of heaven
and deep-green night shadow
as must, retreat to make way

for this, a Sunday prayer on
peacefulness, and for what
is luminous in things

Martinos © 2019


  1. Dave Letch

    A beautiful SUNDAY PRAYER. Indeed the mist is magical. As a child we always called the mist of the morning and of the early evening The Hahr. It is Celtic and means: breath of the dragon. I still call it The Hahr – and when it descends of an evening, as I drive through the sandstone cutting to my cottage, we always say: “The Hahr is settling in. All is well and safe”. This prayer touched me. It is a perfect description of “The Hahr”. Dave Letch.

  2. martin

    David thank you – your response is a poem – a blessing – love martin

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