Month: May 2015

Such is the Choice

In the spaces that once held the ones we loved or loathed
are rooms where silence sits to wait upon us;
to precisely bring with it the thought that can caress,
if needed, or spur, if wanted.
And upon reflection the memories that have shaped us, and
subtly the choices within them to hold or unmake each one.
A centrifuge the potter’s wheel – the mind.
The choice always within our crafting gifts to mould,
to throw, to release or to refine.
Which memory will I spin today?
What forgiveness to bestow or fondness to befriend?
Such is the choice with silence my contemplation brings.

MChallis @ 2015

Contemplation IV

Trust Life
It will bring you fortune

All will be, and
All will pass


and then

Beyond the yang
Beyond the yin

The dao

Within the yin
Within the yang

The dao


and then

So it comes
So it goes

To peace


MChallis @ 2015

The Simplicity

Wake Up
To the simplicity, to
The essential stillness
The natural breath
The calmest force

At the heart
Of the heart
of all

MChallis @ 2015

Where to Look

Turn my head
to what is simple

My heart
to what is true

My body to
it’s deep knowing

Each sense
each pulse
each rhythm

Intuition anchoring
Elemental truth

MChallis © 2015

in relationship

In relationship, your happiness does not lie in convincing or insisting
the other person to love you in a way that meets your need,
fills a gap or prevents you from feeling discomfort

All of this may happen,
however only when love is offered as a gift, true and free unto itself

MChallis © 2015

Before the Beach

Along the swale
turned upside
down behind the windy-windy
capturing a moment
as keepsake
before – just before the foredune
crests in green belted
spinifexes and tail-back blooms
the salty sea shakes away
and forefront washings tide the shiny sand flat
as we marvel gambol frolic free;
liminal at the margins

MChallis © 2015

first position for learning:

give yourself permission

to not know


MChallis © 2015

All of Us

For Toke, Monica & Jan

coming in by the side road
a winding path
to the stream
took us down where
we sat for a while
feet bathing in cool water

attending the natural theatre
we played so many quavers and characters in
the movement of rill and brook,
ceaselessly purposeful, over
stone, sand and moss
this going around, under, through
us, as we gathered, and have gathered for millennia

we are the ancient flow
from first mothers first fathers first family
the tribe are near
coming out of the ages we
hear their call and chatter,
in time we come to know
this all of us, our story


MChallis © 2015


For Jan, on Mother’s Day

You are kind

this, your power
is a gravity

and so, like many others
I find myself
falling toward you

MChallis @ 2015


Let us take a position
of composition
a dance friends, together
of non opposition
of flow.

MChallis © 2015

At the Centre

At the centre

Of your being

Is a mystery

Quieter, stronger

More silent that imagined

You can anchor there

In all seas and seasons

It is close by,

And always possible to

Enter in simplicity

Such stillness


MChallis © 2015

Wake Up

my friend

the enemy

wakes me up

and I am grateful



Act then let go 


“Do good work then throw it in the river”

Zen Master

when i act to heal myself i act to heal the world – when i act to heal the world i act to heal myself

To See

the illusion of ego

is to believe that

my reaction, my trigger

is your fault

MChallis @2015

© 2019 martin challis

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