Month: December 2017

Aligned to Your Purpose

People are not inspired and influenced just by what you say. 

They are inspired and influenced by:

  • what you say
  • how you say it
  • why you say it
  • and their sense of where you’re coming from – your Purpose.

As your Purpose grounds and energises you it will also ground and energise others.


Contemplation on Choice

At the centre
Of every thought
Holding, poised to act, if but momentarily
Is Choice

Often unattended
And more often, habitually led
Is Choice

On a filament of fine decision
Delicately placed between this and that
Are the constructions to build or
The consequences to tear down
Worlds, hearts, minds
And all that’s in between

Does my my mind make me? or
Do I make my mind? Or
Is it both together?

My desire, in either case, is to become agent and author

The one that knows it knows
The one considered and considering
The one spontaneous
The one informed

The one conscious and aware that it
Is Choice

Martinos @ 2017

The Possibility

In the homecoming    joy

in the barring    regret


of letting go    freedom

of craving    imprisonment


at the welcome    belonging

at the termination     abandonment


with waking up     insight

with shutting out     ignorance


in kindness      self nurture

in aggression      self harm


upon reflection       knowledge

upon dogmatism       blindness


with helpfulness     growth

with ill-will       stuntedness


with unity through shared purpose      nourishment

with self interest       scarcity


and remarkably within every unique experience

always the universal possibility of      illumination


Martinos @ 2017