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The Gentleness of Contemplation

October 10, 2009 martin 0

Listening to the first awareness of morning I sense the kind of clarity elusive at other times of day. She is still, a singular breath, formless, offering insight into the endlessness of something pure. Yet she moves away as thoughts come: those dissenting armies that […]

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Artistry as Capital

October 6, 2009 martin 0

How do we begin to see our Artistry as Capital? How do we locate ourselves as artists in a global economy? What are some considerations for reframing or re-purposing our skill sets in order to survive the changing nature of the world market? Firstly, we […]

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Praxis and Principles:

December 15, 2006 martin 0

Phillip Taylor (Taylor, 2003) writes that Applied Theatre achieves a praxis of practice and theory set in connection to the people, passion and platform involved in the drama making. Praxis is a word develeoped by Brazilian educator Paulo Friere (Freire and Freire, 1973) “an ability […]

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Three Chairs Draft Statement

December 13, 2006 martin 0

Three Chairs provides a suite of learning tools for workplace training and professional development. Three Chairs processes can be delivered through an interactive performance or a performed workshop. Each mode is designed to cater for specific audience needs. Three Chairs draws from and interweaves Applied […]

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Plato and Applied Theatre

November 3, 2006 martin 0

Reading Plato’s dialogues I came across this in the forward by W.H.D Rouse: “Socrates himself described his object as that of a midwife, to bring other men’s thoughts to birth, to stimulate them to think and to criticise themselves, not to instruct them.” More and […]

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