How to know when my ego is serving or hindering?

First Principle
It serves through conscious and constructive thoughts, words and actions. Detached observation, acceptance, forgiveness, empathy, kindness, compassion, humility, candour, curiosity, accountability and ownership are hallmarks and manifest in any weather.

It hinders through unconscious, defensive and unconstructive thoughts, words and actions. Blame, excuse, denial, unkindness, judgmentalism, aggression, projection, self interest, disownership and lack of accountability are hallmarks and can manifest in any weather.

Second Principle
Without governance, guidance, and good gardening, left to its own devices ego will serve itself at any cost and choose the latter.

Third Principle
Ego is masterful at hiding in plain sight: Self-righteousness, projection and judgment are primary indicators of blind spots.

Fourth Principle
My physical self, emotions, ways of thinking and relationships feel expansive and spacious when I show up to be in service to a constructive whole.

My physical self, emotions, ways of thinking and relationships feel contracted when we I serve only myself.

Fifth Principle
Ego with awareness will see itself as a connected part of the greater whole.

An ego without awareness will see itself as the centre of the whole.

Sixth Principle
It is possible to know the difference and choose to move from one state to another. But not without an intent to do so. And then only, with practice, patience, persistence and loving kindness.

Seventh Principle
In stillness and with attentive grace it is possible to contemplate beyond all separateness, to the unity and connectedness of all.

Martinos @ 2020